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Welcome To West Virginia Road Map To Stocked Trout Streams
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 Trout Stocking Dates And Locations Are Listed Below.

  This site is a continuous work in progress and is the Home Page for the West Virginia Road Map For Stocked Trout Streams. The fold out map is an actual road map that lists every trout stream and lake stocked by the WVDNR in the state of West Virginia as well as written directions on how to access each stocked location. In addition each stocked stream is highlighted and color coded (regular catch and keep streams are blue, catch and release streams are red, children & class Q handicap are purple). This map is currently available for $10.00 per map (includes taxes and postage). You may obtain maps by one of the following methods; by sending a check or money order (made payable to WV Trout Map)to WV Trout Map, PO Box 2356, Buckhannon, WV 26201, order by credit card using the Buy Nowlink below, or if you are in the Buckhannon area call 472-3499. If you have any questions please email me at wvtroutmap@gmail.com, For those of you that are just looking for current daily trout stocking locations this web site will provide you with the daily stocking locations as well as stocking sites for the previous weeks.
If you have a link that you would like to post on this website please send an email and request to: wvtroutmap@gmail.com

West Virginia
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Trout Streams
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The West Virginia Trout map lists every stocked trout stream and lake in the State of West Virginia.
It not only lists the locations it has the stocking codes, gives a written location on how to locate each
stream or lake, number of acres is listed for each {lake, pond, or impoundment}, grid location is
given for each location, and each stream location is highlighted and color coded; Blue indicates put and take, Red indicates catch and release, and Purple indicates children and class Q handicap. Besides all of this the map can also be used as an actual road map.

Here are a few examples of what is listed on the map:

Raleigh County Airport Pond (1)(Y)(H-14) - Located 3 miles east of Beckley on the property of the Raleigh County Airport
and can be accessed via taking the Airport Exit off of 1-64 and continuing on WV Secondary Rt. 9/9.
Glade Creek of New River (BW-F)(H-14) - Stocked from Polls Branch upstream 10 miles to WV Secondary Rt. 27
Glade Creek of New River (C&R)(Y)(H-14) - A 3 mile section from mouth upstream to the national Forest foot bridge. Access by Glade Creek Road off of WV Rt. 41.
Buffalo Creek (Fayette)(Fly Fishing Only)(Y)(J-15 ) - The main stream and all tributaries. Access by foot from WV Secondary Rt. 25.

Beckley ---------------- G-14
Beckwith --------------- H-12
Bedington -------------- S-6
Beech Hill ---------------D-9
Beech Bottom ---------- I-3
Belington --------------- L-8
Bellburn ---------------- I-13
Belle -------------------- F-12



If you would like to purchase a map using a CREDIT CARD or PAY PAL click on the Buy Now link below:


Trout Stocking Dates 2019

DNR Trout Stocking the Week of Feb 11 thru Feb 15.

  • Anawalt Lake
  • Boley Lake
  • Camp Creek
  • Glade Creek of Mann
  • Mash Fork
  • Mash Fork of Camp Creek (Children & Class Q)
  • Meadow Creek (Summers)
  • North Fork of South Branch
  • Raleigh County Airport Pond (Children & Class Q)
  • Glady Fork
  • Greenbrier River (Marlinton)
  • Hills Creek
  • Indian Creek
  • Jimmy Lewis Lake
  • New Creek Dam No. 14
  • North River
  • Pipestem Lake
  • Shavers Fork (Bemis)
  • Shavers Fork (lower section)
  • Shavers Fork (C&R) - Stuarts Park Recreation Area
  • Warden Lake
  • Elk River
  • Elk River (C&R)
  • Horse Creek Lake
  • Knapps Creek
  • Mason Lake
  • Newburg Lake
  • North Fork of Cherry River
  • North Fork of Potomac River (Mineral)
  • Paw Paw Creek
  • Rhine Creek
  • South Fork of Cherry River
  • Tygart Valley River Headwaters
  • Whiteday Creek

DNR Trout Stocking the Week of Feb 04 thru Feb 08.

  • Buffalo Creek (Clay)
  • Cacapon Park Lakes
  • Curtisville Lake
  • Deegan Lake
  • Fitzpatrick Lake
  • Hinkle Lake
  • Kimsey Run Lake
  • Little Beaver Lake
  • North Fork South Branch (C&R)
  • Opequon Creek
  • Rocky Marsh Run
  • South Branch (Franklin)
  • Spruce Knob Lake

  • Anthony Creek
  • Big Clear Creek
  • Big Sandy Creek
  • Brandywine Lake
  • Brushy Fork Lake
  • Coopers Rock Lake
  • East River
  • Little Clear Creek
  • Lost River
  • Meadow Creek of Anthony Creek
  • Moores Run
  • New Creek
  • North Fork of Lunice
  • North Fork of Patterson Creek
  • South Branch (Smoke Hole)
  • Trout Run
  • Waites Run

  • Blackwater River
  • Burnsville Tailwaters
  • French Creek Pond
  • Gandy Creek
  • Howards Creek (Greenbrier)
  • Laurel Fork (Randolph)
  • Laurel Fork of Holly River
  • Left Fork of Holly River
  • Panther Creek
  • Pendleton Lake
  • R. D. Bailey Tailwaters
  • South Mill Creek Lake
  • Stonewall Jackson Tailwaters
  • Sutton Tailwaters
  • Tuckahoe Lake

  • Back Fork of Elk River
  • Back Fork of Elk River (C&R)
  • Bear Rocks Lake
  • Buffalo Fork Lake
  • Bullskin Run
  • Desert Fork
  • Evitts Run
  • Glade Creek of New River
  • Marsh Fork
  • Middle Creek (Berkeley)
  • Middle Wheeling Creek (Delayed Harvest)
  • Mill Creek (Berkeley)
  • Paint Creek
  • Paint Creek (C&R)
  • Poorhouse Pond
  • Sugar Creek
  • Tilhance Creek
  • Tuscarora Creek
  • Wallback Lake
  • Wheeling Creek

  • Clear Fork of Guyandotte River
  • Dog Run Lake
  • Dry Fork (Randolph)
  • Mill Creek Reservoir
  • Pinnacle Creek (lower section)
  • Red Creek
  • Seneca Lake
  • Shavers Fork (upper section)
  • Summit Lake
  • Teter Creek Lake
  • Watoga Lake

DNR Trout Stocking the Week of Jan. 28 thru Feb 01.


Anderson Lake

Gandy Creek
Due to weather, no 
locations were stocked today.
Due to weather, no
locations were stocked today.
Due to weather, no
locations were stocked today.

DNR Trout Stocking the Week of Jan. 21 thru Jan 25.


No Stocking

No Stocking

Cedar Creek Lake (unsafe ice) 
South Branch (Franklin)
Glady Fork